Surabaya gathered the development of small towns machine tool accessories industry to become a model

Surabaya gathered the development of small towns machine tool accessories industry to become a model

    Known as the "fountain resort," said Stephen Town, based on the unique advantages, vigorously develop the processing industry, machine tool accessories, the annual sales income of 1.81 billion yuan, the proportion of corporate sales in the town and the financial contribution rate of 65.8%, 62% , employing 8900 people. Year, was named "the first town in Shandong province characteristic industry" has become Surabaya small towns gather new industry model.      Town development      town, is the lifeblood of industry. Level of industrial development directly affect the structure of small towns, function and quality of decisions attraction and radiation small towns. To this end, Surabaya based on comparative advantages, prominent features in the "personality" We should take the road of diversified development of small towns, promote urban and rural development.      Springs Town is an old industrial base, with a planned economy to a market economy, highlights the shortcomings of state-owned enterprises, a slump. Town from business managers, product development and marketing staff, to see the development of private enterprises dawn. Town planning and construction of industrial parks machine tool accessories, preferential policies, machine tool accessories industry mushroomed rapid growth. Currently, machine tool accessories has 102 processing enterprises, promote the development of casting, forging, heat treatment, packaging, printing and marketing products and other 26 enterprises, the main products drill chuck, live center, extension bar, change through sets and other sales throughout the country, exported to Europe and other countries and regions, the market share of over 45%.      The county of small towns focus on steadily, improve function, improve the ability to absorb elements enhance gathering capabilities and radiation driving force. Kim played provincial town center in the town of radiation driven function to complete the 4.5 square kilometers of industrial parks Joaquin controllability starting area started construction of two square kilometers, the realization of industrial function zoning, building invest paradise, there are nearly companies stationed in the park; Bian Zhuang private economic development park together Xinlong fiber tube, Jiangbei Machinery and alloys, machinery and a number of small and medium rivers, sales revenue last year over 200 million yuan, profits and taxes more than 2000 million. Zhe Zhen small towns as the carrier, focus on building "a garden along the three zones", adhere to enhance the stone, clay, transportation, glass fiber, bio-pesticides, and other five major industries. Si Zhang Zhen fruit around town a good ecological resources and abundant natural resources, vigorously develop eco-tourism, agricultural tourism Songjiagou was named "national agricultural tourism demonstration sites", Ann Temple scenic area into the national AAA tourism resorts ranks, "peach Blossom Tourism Festival" to become the focus of festivals Jining City, the smooth implementation of plans to invest 460 million yuan square Zihyuan integrated tourism development project.      "Industry stands town" to bring a group of high degree of industrial agglomeration of population, economic strength, developing enough power, industry and distinctive small towns, to absorb surplus rural labor has become an important carrier, radiation and driving core surrounding rural development.

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