January 2011 Japanese machine tool accessories industry sales growth decline

January 2011 Japanese machine tool accessories industry sales growth decline
Published: April 27, 2011
         Recently, the Japan Machine Tool Accessories Association (JMAA) released the latest statistics in Japan machine tool accessories industry in January 2011, the Japanese machine tool output value of 13.752 billion yen annex, down 8.1% in December 2010 of 14.963 billion yen, a substantial increase of 162% over January 2010 of 8.487 billion yen. In January, machine tool accessories sales of 14.287 billion yen, down 6.7 percent from December 2010 of 15.315 billion yen, compared with January 2010 of 9.404 billion yen grew by 152%.     Year 2010, the Japanese machine tool accessories accumulative output value 150.371 billion yen, an increase of 102.9%; total sales of 160.226 billion yen, an increase of 98.2%.     From January 2010 - January 2011 and the output value of Japanese machine tool accessories sales statistics and trends can be seen in Fig., After the financial crisis, the Japanese machine tool accessories production and sales from January 2010 ended 17 consecutive months the year of negative growth, achieving double growth, and growth is accelerating. To June 2010 growth reached recent highs. After that, machine tool accessories production and sales are still up the chain continued to grow, as in January 2011 year on year sales data has been maintained for 13 consecutive months of positive growth, but the growth rate continued to drop in the near future, which is consistent with the recovery trend of the host industry, a slight lag.

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