Machine Tool Accessories domestic production and demand booming market in urgent need of healthy competition fair

Machine Tool Accessories domestic production and demand booming market in urgent need of healthy competition fair
Published: October 18, 2012
     For a long time we pay enough attention to the features in the feature mediocrity is difficult to make our machine tool industry to a new level, buy foreign feature can only make our industry uncompetitive. Strong market demand, prompting the emergence of the domestic machine tool industry sales booming situation, machine tool accessories industry under the strong demand for even more powerful, struggling to move forward. 
  Our move is a native feature of industrial industry, with 40 years of development history, the industry is small (about 60 enterprises) there grew up a number of key enterprises from the 1960s, "National precision machine battle" in. 
  In recent years, with the rapid economic development of chaos, to revitalize the equipment manufacturing industry and the entire manufacturing technology upgrading and modernization of national defense needs to increase, driven by rapid growth of fixed asset investment, China's machine tool market is accessory production and demand booming trend, senior representatives of the equipment manufacturing industry to improve the level of CNC machine tool production is on the momentum. In recent years, coupled with the growing number of new enterprise, industry more competitive, we should provide a good environment for fair competition machine tool accessories industry. 
  Although the features of the machine from "a small piece" status "supporting member" promotion to "hub status" and by the front, but it has been in this environment, "the host, supporting the light," "mild oceans earth" in sail against the current, difficult to grow. 
  With the development of the machine tool industry, machine tool accessories industry must have a matching product to be able to keep up with the pace of the machine tool industry, machine tool industry competition is fierce, machine tool accessories industry competition is fierce, but the vicious competition will eventually give industry to bring the dark, machine tool accessories industry in urgent need of healthy and fair competition. (Source: Internet) 

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