Fusheng Machine Tool Accessories won the "trusted sites validate product quality and service" award

Fusheng Machine Tool Accessories won the "trusted sites validate product quality and service" award

  In October 2010, autumn, renowned Chinese and foreign martial arts acrobatics village "Cangzhou" With China Wuqiao Acrobatics Art Festival, Hebei Pipeline Equipment Manufacturing Expo held, ushered in a major event, namely: by the China Internet Network Information Center, SMEs operating in good faith Cangzhou Cangzhou City Municipal people's Government, Yanshan County people's Government jointly organized health sites. Trusted Network "potential star" award of the General Assembly in October 2010 8:00 solemnly announced. Cangzhou Fusheng Precision Machine Tool Accessories Manufacturing Co., Ltd. ( http://www.czjmpj.com ) by China Internet Network Information Center oversight assessment and recognition, and access to China Internet Network Information Center (CNNIC) issued by China - Liu director personally "trusted site demonstration unit "medals, Cangzhou Fusheng precision machine tool Accessories manufacturing Co., Ltd. specializing in the production of precision machine tool accessories, leading products: shields, towline, wiring devices, cable protection hose and fittings. Products are widely used and machinery manufacturing, rail transportation, shipbuilding industry, petroleum equipment bridges and tunnels and other large buildings in various fields. In 2000 the company determined marketing strategy under the leadership of Zhang, began to build a network marketing platform, to 2003, the full realization of the product integrity of the Internet marketing, helping to create a one of four families (marketing, technology, logistics, after-sales service , CAPO) excellent network marketing team, decades, the company has always require network marketing staff, honest pricing, not bully fraud, genuine, requiring technical department staff, patient communication and network technology providers, it must be done in terms of technology network operators did not think we have to think, ask, network operators require that we do have to do. Shipment logistics required to achieve timely delivery logistics, customer information archiving industry classification management, lay the foundation for after-sales service network tracking service provider, according to the requirements of service delivery logistics information, goods reach the customer to determine the hands of time timely collection and tracking customers in product usage and service satisfaction index of information gathering, reported to the company planning department, CAPO (0317-6304161) twenty-four hours devoted admissible, network operators and various departments of the company's products quality of service complaints, and is responsible for various administrative departments supervise the implementation of the work attitude of reward and punishment. Since 2005 Cangzhou Fusheng company has created a network marketing emphasis on integrity, service tracking healthy way home, distributors, agents, one-stop national network management, integrity win the world.   At the meeting: General Manager张福胜on how to continue the healthy development of online marketing, we listened to advice and guidance to China Internet Network Information Center some experts, and with the China Internet Network Information Center "- Liu" director posed for pictures.   Post: Zhang Fusheng, general manager of the company received three news media reported, as the two interviews, Zhang said: Fusheng company received this wing, depends entirely on the hard work of employees Fusheng and the community network operators trust and support of friends, not proud in the face of honor, make persistent efforts to serve the community, a good old network service providers develop new web business, and welcomed by purchasing online trade, technology exchange, discuss agency the majority of customers, October 2 our CCTV CCTV-1 Internet brand "World wiring Accessories Xing "series of products, standing on the basis of mutual benefit, to join the national network integrity marketing team Fusheng machine tool Accessories companies to create brilliant!

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