Shandong CNC lathes key features of technological development report grand opening

Shandong CNC lathes key features of technological development report grand opening

JC35 REVIEW: China's machine tool enterprises to the rapid development of CNC machine tool industry as an opportunity to research and development of CNCmachine tools, standards, focusing on scale, extending longitudinally intensify efforts to adopt international standards, the formation and development of CNC machine tools industry standardization system for China's machine tool tool industry to enhance, catch up with the world level, provide a solid basis for the standardization of technology. 
  Recently, sponsored by Shandong Machine Tool General Machinery Industry Association, Yantai Universal Machine Tool Accessory Group Company Limited, "Shandong horizontal machining centers and CNC lathes key features of technological development report" was held in Yantai Universal Group. Nearly 50 business executives, sales executives and technical experts from Shandong province, more than 30 companies and universities attended the meeting. Invited the well-known experts to interpret the future direction of horizontal machining centers and CNC lathes, the industry, high-end key functional components will be discussed in detail.   After more than ten consecutive years of rapid growth, China's machine tool industry is in a relatively difficult transition period of adjustment, all companies are facing a "transformation and upgrading, changing patterns of development" in the throes of a problem. In order to guide enterprises in the province to correctly analyze the development direction of the market trend, clear horizontal machining centers, CNC lathes and high-end features with the corresponding components in the critical stage of transformation and upgrading grasp the opportunity to make full use of existing resources through structural adjustment transfer way and constantly enhance their market competitiveness, Shandong General Machinery industry Association invited the machine Yantai universal Group Engineering Research Center, deputy director Wu Peijian King Guofeng and engineers as we explain in detail the "Global" brand CNC turret and lying and work table principle and supporting solutions by the participants.   After the meeting, the experts visited the Yantai Universal Group's production site, witnessed the oil-soaked NC rotary table and NC rotary table direct drive motor operating status, five meters in diameter, large CNC turret highly.

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