Po-yu new M42 CNC milling CNC lathes with customers eligible Like

Po-yu new M42 CNC milling CNC lathes with customers eligible Like

JC35 REVIEW: Recently, Po-NC-developed set of turning, milling, drilling, boring, tapping, and other functions M2 milling CNC lathe access to the user's praise, which reduces the customers of small and medium lathe CNC machine tool production costs, greatly improving production efficiency. 
  M42 CNC lathe milling complex is a 6 (42) Multi-position axis computer numerically controlled lathe milling complex, integrated turning, milling, drilling, boring, tapping and other functions in a single device, capable of face and side milling, drilling, tapping and other complex process, especially for some of the complex shape, high precision rotor parts processing, a fixture in all or most complete machining processes, both to ensure accuracy, and improve efficiency and reduce costs. The machine is designed with a powerful spindle brake assist institutions to improve the rigidity of the parts machining. Direct tool change system, saving tool change program complex steps to shorten tool change time and space and run time, so that efficient processing cost savings for the user. Machine features: reducing the number of setups, improve efficiency and accuracy. High-speed tool change, easy to cut row. Face and side composite processing, feature-rich.   It is understood, Zhejiang Jiang Baoyu CNC Machine Co., Ltd. (former Yuhuan universe Electronics Co., Ltd.) was founded in 2000, the company's new site is located in the industrial zone of Salmonella coast town of Yuhuan County in Zhejiang Province, covers an area of 38,000 square meters. Is engaged in CNC machine tools, CNC numerical control system product development and production of integrated enterprise. Po-yu can produce a variety of small CNC lathes and CNC automatic feeder, mainly CK1120, CK1117 mobile spindle CNC lathe, CK1116 mobile spindle CNC automatic lathe, CK0625, CK0632, CK0632B, CK0632A CNC lathes, BY0520 automatic feeder, etc. product. Products with independent intellectual property rights, a number of data gaps to fill the domestic machine tool industry, the product can be used in military, aerospace, medical equipment, automobile and motorcycle parts, micro shaft, electronic components, connectors, watches, glasses and a variety of small metal parts production.

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