The dog bonanza to the zhejiang tienhsiang I wish a happy New Year to the national people's

The dog bonanza to the zhejiang tienhsiang I wish a happy New Year to the national people's

Golden dog, rolling to open the door to meet the dog's fortune.On the occasion of the Spring Festival, zhejiang tienhsiang machine tool co., LTD. (hereinafter referred to as & other;Throughout zhejiang tienhsiang &;)All the staff to the national people's physical health, career, wealth flowing across the line of the universiade, in the year of dog!Tienhsiang was established in March 2003, zhejiang province, located in the hometown of mold tiancheng industrial zone.Company's main surface grinding machine, numerical control surface grinding machine, precision surface table, automatic surface grinding machine, manual surface grinding machine, manual surface grinding machine, surface grinding machine molding, vertical grinding machine, manual vertical grinding machine, automatic vertical grinding machine and CNC vertical grinding machine, etc.Zhejiang tienhsiang covers an area of 5000 square meters, building area of 10000 square meters.The company has passed ISO9001-2000 certification.Fourteen years wind and rain sharpen high-quality goods for the casting technology is the foundation of development, the innovation is the power of progress.Back in 2017, for zhejiang tienshiang is both challenging and full of joy.Company has been pursuing technology not only increase steadily, and new products constantly, satisfy customer and market requirements.And zhejiang tienshiang is through long-term continuous efforts and accumulation, now has power of science and technology, production experience and quality management standards, producing a series of high-quality goods process grinder, won the market and customer recognition.In the past year, the company's steady development, product research and development and sale all achieved good results, behind these achievements cannot be separated from zhejiang tienhsiang the tireless efforts of all staff and pay.After 14 years, zhejiang tienhsiang has always focused on r&d and production of precision plane forming grinding.Today's zhejiang intertek on grinding machine research and development and manufacturing has a strong machine tool market.As a burgeoning high-tech enterprise, zhejiang tensho's products have been developed by secondary level extends to high-end research and development level.In ordinary machine tool has a solid market share at the same time, zhejiang intertek also occupies a certain position in the high-end machine tool market, in the field of high-end manufacturing mining potential, create more opportunities for the enterprise.High quality grinding machine power 2018 the year of the dog again as grinding machine industry veteran enterprises, zhejiang tienhsiang has been appreciated by the users in machine tool products.It is worth mentioning that zhejiang tienhsiang tienhsiang card TX - 618 - s technology grinding machine market in 2017, has obtained the good effect.So what has this kind of grinding machine special power?On the occasion of the New Year, this reporter will take you to experience the fine products.TX - 618 - s process grinder TX - 618 - s grinder in many similar products outshine others, what is the secret of the clueless?According to zhejiang tienhsiang technicians, this kind of grinding machine is Taiwan original type spindle directly adopt the V3 cartridge integration design, P4 level ultra-precision bevel roller bearing.Not only ensures low noise in the production of bad border, but also has high rigidity, low vibration, large torque, strong impact resistance of the many advantages.TX - 618 - s, on the other hand, technology grinding machine adopts advanced cast iron castings, annealing, first make resonance and other aging treatment, basically eliminated iron stress, reduce the deformation and ensure the long-term accuracy of machine tools.Now on the market, a lot of machine tools used for a long time, will appear the phenomenon such as oil.Aiming at this problem, zhejiang intertek in research and development in this kind of machine tool, using constant pressure curtains on the lubrication system, on the up and down, left and right, front and rear guide rail continuous lubrication screw, and make sure the machine clean, smooth, no oil leakage.Crucially, TX - 618 - s for surface grinding, grinding machine more than more suitable for small mold molding grinding.Such as: connectors, terminals, electronic connectors and other precision mold use.Today, made in China & other;Throughout 2025 &;And & other4.0 throughout & industry;Wave were, in order to fit the market development trend, zhejiang intertek in ensuring the quality of products at the same time, constantly design research and development of high precision products.Precision without the limit, every tienhsiang process grinding machine is intertek the crystallization of the wisdom and sweat.In the future, the company will continue to be guided & otherProfessional quality cast, good faith to win the future & throughout;The purpose of holding & other;Strive to pure, struggling to endeavoring, bold innovation, aggressive & throughout;The management idea, insisted that & other;Customer first & throughout;Principles, and strive to build domestic brand grinding machine, again in 2018.Finally, zhejiang tienhsiang machine tool co., LTD. All staff to wish people all over the country the year of the dog again bonanza, lulu to meet the god of wealth!(this article is provided by China machine tool business original, reproduced this website articles, subject to a written authorization.)

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