Chang er intelligent equipment three products through the provincial new product appraisal

Chang er intelligent equipment three products through the provincial new product appraisal

Recently, the zhejiang lishui zhejiang chang li cabled industrial park enterprises, intelligent equipment co., LTD., in the provincial industrial new product appraisal conference pass three product identification.Via expert appraisal, agree & other;4 Labour twelve linkage CNC compound machine tool spindle & throughout;Technology in the international advanced level, & other;Nc vertical double spindle machining center & throughout;& other;Tile cover processing automatic production line & throughout;Technology in the domestic leading level, product performance is superior to the national and industry standards.The success of the new product identification, is chang er in recent years, continuously strengthen the scientific research investment, focus on scientific and technological innovation, the introduction of high-end talents of science and technology as a result, also for the cabled the development of intelligent equipment high-tech zone innovation vitality.Zhejiang chang er intelligent equipment co., LTD. Is a company dedicated to high-end broaching machine, special machine tools, integrated intelligent robots and other complete sets of equipment development;National high and new technology enterprise & throughout;.After more than ten years of study and market, listed on the new three board in August 2015, the city of lishui city is the first company listed on the do business.Company products are mainly for automotive, aerospace, Marine vessels, military industry, nuclear energy, high-speed rail, wind power in areas such as customer, comprehensive strength in broaching equipment industry in the domestic leading, some technology reached the international advanced level, the product has the characteristics of intelligent, green environmental protection, high efficiency.Replace imported company position in the market for high-end equipment, is a multinational and domestic famous enterprises especially the main auto parts manufacturing enterprise partners, for its implementation & other;Machine throughout substitution &;Provide equipment.Now for Mercedes, BMW, audi cars such as the core components provide high-end precision production equipment, complete sets of equipment.Zhejiang chang er intelligent equipment co., LTD. Has provincial enterprise institute, provincial r&d center and postdoctoral workstation to team leader Lin green high (master of nankai university, hangzhou university of electronic science and technology engineering master degree, senior engineer, senior economist, senior technicians, 151 talents, excellent scientific and technical workers in zhejiang province), led by the innovation team, in recent years, such as the national innovation fund eight state-level projects, 10 provincial major r&d projects, the provincial projects, created the world's largest tonnage broaching machine manufacturing records, developed the domestic first automobile brake caliper bracket high-speed precision automatic production line, the first rectangular double pillar broaching machine and the first set of intelligent broaching equipment packages.22, and has won a patent for invention nearly 100 utility model patents;Published 15 papers.Released as the main drafting unit, 1 item of zhejiang manufacturing standards, industry standards and 3 intelligent manufacturing industry standard project five;Won the first prize in science and technology progress prize of zhejiang province and so on more than 10 above city-level award;2 items listed as national key new product research and development, equipment manufacturing industry in zhejiang province key areas first 2 item (set) product, zhejiang manufacturing high-quality goods in item 2, 19 provincial new products.(the original title: jinyun a three products through the provincial new product appraisal) (source: jinyun county council to do)

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