Shenyang machine tool exhibition Beijing challenge "endeavour's five-year" large an exhibition

Shenyang machine tool exhibition Beijing challenge "endeavour's five-year" large an exhibition

On September 25th, to welcome the party's 19, the central propaganda department and other departments jointly organized;Sheer endeavour's five-year & throughout;Large an exhibition in Beijing exhibition center.Shenyang machine tool to be invited to the event and on the seventh floor characteristic experience area of, display the real-time interconnection, instant sharing of intelligent manufacturing.& other;Sheer endeavour's five-year & throughout;Large an exhibition to xi series of important speech spirit and general secretary of the CPC central committee governing new ideas, new ideas new strategy as the main line, arrange the 10 theme content exhibition galleries and 1 special experience, make full use of multimedia and sound and light, full coverage at the 18th party congress shows the historical change of the party and national business.Shenyang machine tool, haier, lenovo, ali cloud, millet and other eight interconnected domestic first-class enterprise in the special exhibition industry exhibition, with Internet and multimedia as the theme, focusing on the past five years it technological breakthroughs in the field of Internet, product improvement and innovation, and make outstanding contribution to social and economic development.Shenyang machine tool shows the industry under keeping the Internet Internet, online networking intelligent manufacturing topics.In shenyang machine tool exhibition, the audience can through the iSESOL intelligent manufacturing platform experience & other;Online customization & throughout;, and yards, with your mobile phone order to customize a nice full visual brand personality and the order of production process, to the audience wonderful experience of intelligent manufacturing.Through the screen, a iSESOL cloud factories and exhibition hall, shen machine park intelligent manufacturing workshop, shiyan, yancheng intelligent factory is an organic whole repeatedly, intelligent manufacture application scenario.& rsquo;Shenyang machine tool the theme and the live broadcast & other;To the intelligent manufacturing throughout time &;Video, by the central net letter do highly affirmation, praise fully embodies the connotation of industrial interconnection of intelligent manufacturing.Exhibition officially open to the public on September 26th, extension until the end of November.A variety of interactive experience in exhibition, exhibits in the exhibition attracts many visitors stop to experience.(the original title: celebrate the 19th shows new breakthrough Shenyang machine tool exhibition in Beijing & other;Sheer endeavour's five-year & throughout;Large an exhibition) (source: northeast news)

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