Changzhou than these New Year's greeting: tidal flat on both sides of the rich The wind is blown suspension

Changzhou than these New Year's greeting: tidal flat on both sides of the rich The wind is blown suspension

God dog days chicken, kyushu sing snow songs, especially;Celebrate the new large sections in the New Year, all New Year greetings.Golden SiChen qu has gone, the faithful dog vigil to celebrate the New Year.On the occasion of the celebrate, peoples to celebrate, changzhou than these mechanical equipment manufacturing co., LTD. (hereinafter referred to as & other;Changzhou than these throughout the &;)All the staff wish all colleagues of the hard work of machine tool industry, given the than these massive support of new and old users and partners in the New Year smoothly, everything goes well, family, happiness.Changzhou than these mechanical equipment manufacturing co., LTD. Changzhou than utility located in wujin district, changzhou, jiangsu province, was founded in 2007, is an independent brand pneumatic chuck sold well all over the country, and focus on all kinds of special fixture design and manufacture of machine tool enterprises.Companies strong technical force, perfect testing equipment.Existing staff of more than 100, more than 30 professional and technical personnel.Winter changes and upgrades in the past few years, is one of the machine tool industry experience severe winter, the domestic metal-cutting machine tool business income reached an all-time high, after successive years of decline;Forming machine in 2014 after reaching record highs, also fell in 2015;After the machine tool industry in 2013 at high, appeared in three years.The whole machine tool industry benefits the downward trend.In such a cold, changzhou than these take the bull by the horns, positive enterprising, by accelerating transformation and upgrading of enterprises, and promote enterprises to deepen reform, completed the upstream miracle.& other than these have the courage to break through the traditional enterprises in changzhouHeavy price not heavy technology & throughout;The shackles of, in line with & other;Scientific and technological innovation, manufacturing high-quality goods & throughout;Concept, strengthen technology research and development and technological innovation, through independent innovation developed suitable for processing in the field of fixture, such as: pneumatic chuck, hydraulic clamping and machining center modular fixture, superposed hole chuck, spindle holder for laser cutting equipment, etc.Is widely used in lathe, grinding machine, machining center, drilling and milling machine, welding equipment, pipe threading machine, laser cutting equipment, mechanical and automatic production lines and other equipment.Than these, on the other hand, pay attention to product quality, the full implementation of quality management, strictly control the quality of our products to ensure the quality of products through the national inspection standard strictly, strive to become a more professional, more advanced technology, domestic quality more reliable fixture manufacturers, service providers.With high technology and high quality products, changzhou than utility won the user a wide range of trust and recognition, through the cold, completed a comprehensive upgrade of the enterprise.& other;Tidal flat land rich people into, and the wind is right & throughout;The past 2017 years, is the machine tool industry for a year, industry overall trend showing a steady warming trend.The machine tool industry declines year by year narrowed and stop falling.Machine tool industry demand overall stabilised, accelerate continuously upgrade demand structure, industry economic operation quality has rebounded.In 2018, the overall situation will be better.& other;Tidal flat on both sides of the rich, and the wind is blown suspension.Throughout the &;In the overall environment after stabilization, changzhou than utility will continue to progress, constantly improve their own service system, the organic combination of product and service system, accurate positioning user needs, provide detailed intelligent, convenient and fast service.And, changzhou than utility will continue to increase brand awareness, expand brand benefit.Brand is the industry service quality, management level and integrated embodiment of its marketing ability, need after a long period of accumulation and continuous market promotion.Set up their own brands in the market on behalf of the visibility and reputation of the enterprise to a certain height.2018, than utility will continue to build domestic well-known brand of fixture manufacturing and supply, to provide users with perfect and comfortable service.Than the utility company annual meeting today, through ten years of changzhou than utility, has been on a new step.Against the tide flat land is vast, boasts beautiful spring season, changzhou than utility will continue to set sail, changfeng, in the tide of machine tool industry line more stable, more drove away.Finally, changzhou than utility again wish all staff and partners happy New Year, everything is all right, & otherBraving the will sometimes, straight to the sea in full hanging & throughout;.Attachment: (provided by China's machine tool business, this paper use this website articles, subject to a written authorization.)

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