Shandong province by the letter committee leadership to shandong vectra research intelligent manufacturing project

Shandong province by the letter committee leadership to shandong vectra research intelligent manufacturing project

In shandong province on the morning of September 1, by letter, deputy director of committee Wang Xin accompanied by the leadership of the city, area related to the shandong vectra research & other;The model of intelligent manufacturing new project & throughout;Construction work.Shandong vitra Yang Mingyan Liu Youcai, general manager and chairman comrade song accompanied by vice general manager of the reception.Vice director of shandong vectra automation workshop survey, Wang Xin line visited shandong vectra pilot demonstration project of ministry of intelligent manufacturing & ndash;& ndash;Precision machinery parts and components manufacturing digital workshop and the low cost of shandong vectra key feature digital workshop of high-grade CNC machine tool and the model of the new project.Shandong vectra entourage vectra industry development situation in shandong was introduced in detail, project construction, running status of equipment and the production efficiency, etc.Industry development, shandong vectra has now formed a precision machinery parts and components manufacturing, high-grade CNC machine tool manufacturing, robotics and intelligent manufacturing system integration three complementary industry sector, in the construction of intelligent manufacturing project played an important role in technology and market together.Intelligent manufacturing project construction, digital workshop construction of shandong vectra has become a scale, is expected to achieve nearly 20 years of intelligent production line put into production.In terms of equipment running and the production efficiency, the project has the advantages of low investment, deploy productively and versatility, by utilizing the enterprise original equipment, by upgrading PLC system upgrades, such as, the transformation line rail into a new system of intelligent manufacturing production line, can significantly reduce the system of investment;Generality, adjust working procedures and jig slightly improved, can be widely used in auto precision parts, assemblies and full automatic production and assembly of products, all kinds of small and medium-sized motor workers to increase efficiency, solving the problem of manufacturing employment, accelerate the new and old kinetic energy conversion is of great significance.Deputy director of the research, Wang Xin intelligent manufacturing project of shandong vectra gave full affirmation, points out the thinking of shandong vectra intelligent manufacturing and work is ahead of the industry, in the right direction, the route is clear, obvious effect, has the very good demonstration and promotion value;At the same time, encourage the shandong vectra grasp opportunities, down-to-earth, more intelligent manufacturing research and development and investment of the project, give full play to the project of typicality and demonstration, guide and promote the transformation and upgrading of growth of the industry.By the letter (the original title: province committee, led to the research of intelligent manufacturing project) (source: shandong vectra)

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