Analysis of market of machine tool of Chinese numerical control and investment sought advice from report content brief introduction 2008

As the development of electronic IT, course of study of world machine tool already entered the Electromechanical unifinication period that is core with digitlizing production technology, among them numerical control machine tool represents one of products namely. Numerical control machine tool is the machines master and national economy main base of manufacturing industry. It is national economy each branches provide equipment and measure, have the economy of infinite enlarge and social effect. Current, the industrialized country such as Europe, beautiful, day already completed process of industrialization of numerical control machine tool early or late, and China from 20 centuries 80 time begin to start, still be in development phase. "15 " during, industry of machine tool of Chinese numerical control came true to exceed high speed to develop. Its crop was 17521 2001, 2002 24803, 2003 36813, 2004 51861, 3.7 times crop was 2000 2004, average year grow 39 % ; Crop of machine tool of homebred 2005 numerical control 59639, be close to 60 thousand to close greatly, be " 95 " 4.24 times of evening. "15 " during, the main reason with swift and violent development of industry of Chinese machine tool is market demand exuberant. Fixed assets investment is added fast fast, car develops swift and violent, foreign trader to invest an enterprise to grow speed to accelerate be caused by with mechanical production industry. 2006, gold of Chinese numerical control cuts machine tool crop to achieve 85756, grow 32.8% compared to the same period, gold of amplitude prep above cuts amplitude of machine tool crop 18.4 percent, make gold cuts numerical control of machine tool production value to change then rate achieve 37.8% , increase 2.3 percent compared to the same period. In addition, numerical control machine tool exports a respect in foreign trade also person of outstanding achievement arrogant, annual fact exports the specified number now 334 million dollar, grow 63.14% compared to the same period, machine tool of all metal treatment exports prep above frontal amplitude 18.58 percent. Long-term since, machine tool of homebred numerical control is in from beginning to end cheap and rapid expand, intermediate progress is slow, the situation that high-grade support imports, especially the crucial facility that national major project needs basically relies on an entrance, technical be enslaved to be enslaved to person. Investigate its reason, enterprise of machine tool of domestic native land numerical control is in mostly " extensive " level, in respect and the abroad such as products plan level, quality, precision, function advanced level photograph is compared lagged behind 5-10 year; Achieved 10-15 in the difference of respect of tall, essence, pointed technology year. The capacity that at the same time China is using face of set prescription of technology and technical collect is smaller also, the research of relevant technical standard and standard makes opposite lag, homebred numerical control machine tool has not formed brand effect. In the meantime, industry of numerical control machine tool still lacks perfect technology to groom at present, the system propping up such as service network, market sale ability and management level are not high also. Mainer reason is to lack own innovation capacity, the numerical control system that owns own intellectual property completely is little little, restricted the development of industry of numerical control machine tool. The foreign company 80 % above in sales volume of system of Chinese numerical control are to gain ground model numerical control system. If we are gaining ground model product of numerical control system obtains a breakthrough on rapid industrialization, industry of system of Chinese numerical control with respect to hopeful from go up at all implementation strategy strikes back. In the meantime, build the own innovation system of system of more complete high-grade numerical control even, improve own design of China, development and whole set productivity, establish product of homebred and own brand, improve system of Chinese high-grade numerical control overall technology level. "915 " during, industry of machine tool of Chinese numerical control will enter fast hair exhibition period, industry of machine tool of Chinese numerical control is faced with once in a blue moon auspicious development good luck, according to 1996-2005 of lathe of Chinese numerical control year consume an amount, plan to close through the model, predict selling quantity of numerical control lathe will amount to 89 thousand 2009, year all increase rate is 16.5% . According to 1996-2005 of Chinese machining center year spending increases a model, predict machining center consumed an amount to will amount to 28 thousand 2009, relatively 2005 year all increase rate is 17.8% . China invests advisory net to release " analysis of market of machine tool of Chinese numerical control reached investment to seek advice from a report 2008 " in all 11 chapters. The definition that introduced numerical control machine tool above all, classification and development course, the moving circumstance of the development general situation that analysed industry of machine tool of international home numerical control then and market of machine tool of domestic numerical control, next specific introducing the development of grinder of lathe of machining center, numerical control, numerical control and machine tool of other numerical control. Subsequently, the report made exits and entrance to market of numerical control machine tool analysis, technical development analysis, appear on the market to company operation state is analysed and apply a domain to analyse, analysed the development latent capacity of course of study of numerical control machine tool and prospective trend finally. If you think the knowledge that has a system to market of numerical control machine tool perhaps wants to invest production of numerical control machine tool to make, this report is your indispensable main tool.

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