Adversity starts advantage friend group of machine tool of fine numerical control is born

The United States second the global finance seismic sea wave that borrow disturbance to evolve and becomes, cause global great depression, each country and even each enterprises are in reset compass, seek new air route. Here setting falls, taiwan is friendly the core value that fine group is an enterprise with conformity of natural resources of research and development of deep ploughing technology, company, be on sale and service namely, friendly group of machine tool of fine numerical control also is born from this. Zhu Zhiyang of fine group president shows resource conformity friend, friendly group of machine tool of fine numerical control (the following abbreviation " FFG " ) will integrated group is in the hierarchy of the sale access that 20 machine tools that place of Euramerican, Japan, mainland, Taiwan has produce 11 production enterprise, famous brands and product, combinative person with ability, research and development, equipment 3 large main shaft, achieve UniCom of network of net of couplet of research and development of the technology between the enterprise, service and dispatch to believe resource to share, form the product between area, enterprise to have the integral advantage with complementary characteristic each, do not differ in order to suit with the industry the client's demand. The purpose of FFG wants implementation to go against namely situation and on, tortuous path is surmounted, rapid development enters the banner field with world mechanical nicety. The FFG after conformity will make the production group with the wholest product line of cross-strait machine tool, also be Chinese area (include the mainland, Taiwan, Singapore to wait) the production group with the biggest machine tool of complete function numerical control. FFG globalization manages strategy to be: Belong to the advantage of famous brand of American SMS and Italian MAUT world with group place, as friend fine group develops the sale of Euramerican market and service access; To the day our market that nag and gnaws hard, through friend fine group place belongs to Japanese F.T.Japan Co. , ltd. , the sale of the machine tool antenna is extended to Japan each corner, produce the advantage of its rigorous quality management and efficient service system, provide product and service for Japan and Asian area; Use advantage of the resource of mainland area, cost and broad market, develop the mainland already some production base, those who make become machine tool of global numerical control to make a center, create profit, pass on a society; Be apt to uses the chain of industry of numerical control machine tool with mature Taiwan, provide product of good in quality and cheap in price form a complete set and service to the whole world, achieve improve manufacturing beneficial result, stabilize the purpose of character. CIMT2009 of innovation of research and development, friendly fine group exhibited several high-tech, intelligence machine tool product. Friendly fine relevant controller introduces, at present fine group is in friend the research and development of technology of head pay rice, side with more technical stride of the high level. Friendly fine new generation " PKM is parallel 6 couplet lever " machine tool, break through construction of traditional engine platform, the whole world is only 4 companies production is made. The airframe framework of sex of its Gao Gang, can amount to 3G the most quickly high quickly, can match the framework of leader put oneself in another's position of diversity, machine of the door that be like dragon, horizontal, move type of pillar, overhead traveling crane to wait, the airframe change of diversiform type makes treatment adaptability broad, the high speed such as industry of course of study of applicable boat Nature's engineering, automobile manufacturing industry, special treatment, the treatment condition of diversification. This birth of new-style machine tool, brought taller efficiency and benefit for manufacturing industry, can assist more suffer financial storm, boom is low confused enterprise resists the crisis, transition upgrades, implementation spans jointly development. Friendly fine relevant technology chief expresses, on this CIMT2009, friendly fine exhibiting product basically has the following characteristic: But the instant monitoring, unusual situation that in diagnose and amending treatment process, appears, offer the solution of optimization in time; Calculable in machining a process the life time that gives cutting cutting tool, main shaft, bearing and slideway; Have high speed to change, compound change, compositive the 5 axes linkage that turn, can achieve detect automatically, compensation, reduce high speed main shaft, pillar, lathe bed be out of shape; The treatment software of proper motion research and development, have the function that prevents cutting tool and workpiece collision, offer the treatment technology with the most effective user; Numerical control system has function of special man-machine interaction, controlling dish can monitor cutting tool to walk orbit, improve cutting efficiency; Have remote breakdown diagnoses a function, promotion carry out serves efficiency, at the same time the benefit of promotional also client. Pass on social friend while the operator of fine group is seeking sound economy increase, do not forget to perform enterprise society duty. Fine group and collaboration of institute of Hangzhou profession technology established friend in April 2008 " friendly fine Electromechanical institute " . This institute covers the subject such as design of machine, report, car, industry, set a pattern design and make, mechanical design and make, the popular major with the 9 societies big demand such as processing technique of application of Electromechanical unifinication technology, numerical control, have equipment of perfect experiment, solid train and place, set a lab 14, place of professional fact example 7, existing student more than 2500. This action is fine group talented person develops friend to carry out platform politicly not only, can satisfy group company, user and social logarithm to control the talent's demand, it is to be the relevant industry such as domestic machine tool and economic construction to offer strong person with ability to ensure more, upgrade to company transition, industry have greatest help, still solved difficult problem of student obtain employment at the same time, realize the win-win of enterprise, school, student, society truly.

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