New step machine appearance set exhibition Rub tooth process jing is colourful

On May 25, 2017, under the common aspirations of the industry, in 2017, the 18th set jia international machine tool exhibition officially kicked off in chongqing international expo center.As the model of ultra-precision plane equipment, new jump machine and to, to & other;More refined, faster and longer & throughout;Rub tooth technology of jing is colourful, impress the audience's high praise and favor.
new jump machine tools ready for
new jump is growing step by step
four-day exhibition, high-grade products compete, comprehensive display intelligence to make new style.Exhibit on the meeting, new leap booth sentiment, the audience an endless stream, praise applause continuously.Staff patient treated audience, carefully introduces the product performance;Skilled operators present products processing, detailed explanation each processing step.New chairman Zhao Yafei also jump, enthusiastic reception guests visiting, detailed introduce new rub tooth system innovation technology products.
new jump jump a booth with
booth person annoys
Zhao Yafei chairman personally present products processing charm of
bright eye booth layout, perfect the booth location, perfect rub tooth technology and dedicated staff make new step machine again made the focus of the exhibition.Booth, large CZ - 48 replication CNC rolling gear machine and small CZL - 16 ncsmini rub tooth machine qi qi appearance, large easily rub 150 long spline, is no front epee, qiao don't work;The outsiders machining time can be up to 4 seconds per piece, is the world martial arts, only don't break!So powerful cast eyes countless absorption, new and old customers come to visit, to discuss cooperation, laughter, people are busy, a busy scene.Exhibition on the first day, & other;New jump a good plane & throughout;It enjoys a good reputation, is deeply rooted in the hearts of the people.Large CZ
-48 replication CNC rolling gear machine
small CZL
-16 ncsmini rub tooth machine with the speeding up of the machine tool industry development, the development of the transformation and upgrading, the customer is more fine for molding parts processing requirements.New demands new strategies, as a steadily through 11 years of dedicated machine manufacturing enterprises, the new jump machine judgment and adjust in time, stick to & other;Promoting efficient processing & throughout;Core location, with professional production, professional products and professional services to the challenge.The appearance of jia show new rub tooth machine is the most powerful testimony.
Ukrainian beauty enthusiasm supporting her
Ukrainian beauty expected
good flowers need lining green leaves, hero when deserve the fair.Shall stand jia exhibition in eight sides hero, little beauty?Two new jump a booth, Ukraine beauty enthusiasm, attract many viewers stop to visit.Booth sentiment rising, of course, little also not their credit.
new leap booth seiko products more than
paragraph a rub on
rub tooth, you don't know the things, new yue told you
in addition, in order to let the audience understanding rub tooth technical understanding rub tooth processing technology development, the present situation and trend, new step opened rub tooth machine tool technology forum, the things you don't know about rub tooth, new leap to tell you.The specific time is on May 25-27 daily 10:00 a.m. and 2 o 'clock in the afternoon.Welcome to participate. (this article is provided by Chinese machine tool business original, reproduced please indicate the source link.)

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