Liaoning provincial committee, shenyang municipal party committee secretary easily refined red area county (city) research documentary

14 days, complete the 13 counties (cities) in shenyang the first round of the research.This is zhang on less than a month of the standing committee of the provincial party committee, secretary of the municipal party committee easily refined red surrender of the first paper to shenyang cadres and masses, and weight.International special machine tool equipment industrial base of shenyang, shenyang city, electricity industrial park in shenyang, shenyang auto city, the source of rail transit, shenyang machine tool group, shenyang aircraft industry group, siasun robot, shenyang shenyang LiaoZhong academician workstation, shen fu to food, water ecological city science and technology innovation, nine wu culture city, shengjing imperial city, wolong lake ecotope, FangGu Town WangGu Village, wen road, red towel & hellip;& hellip;Large and small nearly 40 research point, precision connection, crisscrossed the history of shenyang mountains and rivers, the urban landscape, industry and human feelings.Survey, easily refined red every step walk very solid, every glance look carefully, every question concerns, showing the ponder, every other requirements and to the point.& other;I will see mission such as life, regard responsibility such as mount tai, fulfill his duties and diligent dedication, pragmatic and enterprising, solid work, put all loyalty, wisdom, and strength without reservation dedicated to shenyang people, dedicated to the great cause of reform and development in shenyang.Throughout the &;This round of research, can't easily refined red with slow steps, not loose, fulfilled his leading cadre conference in the city of & otherThe new home & throughout;Cadres of the commitment of the masses.Early to talk about impressions: his words were full of expectation to the urban development and the emotion of cadres and masses & other;Once home, two generations of the imperial city & throughout;& other;New China industrial cradle & throughout;And carry tripods national revitalization of the northeast strategy of regional central city & hellip;& hellip;These familiar city labels, reveal the important, the industrial base of shenyang city status is abundant and the profound historical culture.Not personally on this piece of land, however, people cannot realize shenyang industrial culture and industry are knot, cozy deep historical accumulation and the urban landscape characteristics, unable to capture the shenyang people broad view, bold and assertive personality spirit source.With the true feelings, in the process of research, easily refined red listened to every region of the whole report in detail, and the thorough exchange, and the region is mainly responsible for comrades words in both concern for the regional development, and there was a concern for cadres of the masses.And easily refined red before the and regional leading cadres to carry out the discussion, will say first & other;I am to ask you to report for duty & throughout;.Based on the preliminary understanding of each region, easy red also says the first impression of each region and the development of message.& other;Set foot on library throughout the land I will feel hospitable &;& other;Dunes will be on the way, the future of the dunes have extraordinary & throughout;& other;Heping district is the core city, unfolds the shenyang city landscape, city image, city power & throughout;& other;Shenhe district is both old and young, both historical massiness and full of vitality & throughout;& other;I the booming trend inspiring and encouraging & throughout;& other;Positive attitude, the innovation as a consciousness, the spirit of perseverance, is to continuously create a new situation development of yuhong kinetic energy & throughout;& other;As long as their own advantages, play a good release, Huanggu District will be able to achieve a better, more brilliant vision & throughout;& other;Not only appreciate the big east as the birthplace of the profundity of national industry in shenyang, gets more big east distinct industry characteristics and the important position in the city's industrial development & throughout;& other;Concentration is the single-minded pursuit of perseverance, character development, shen will surely achieve greater development in the north new district, create more miracles & throughout;& other;Muddy south area high-tech industry concentration, rich human resources of science and technology, growing, explosive immeasurably & throughout;& other;LiaoZhong zone adheres to the lead of new development concept, to promote regional development present a new meteorological & throughout;& other;Xinmin city future development potential is unlimited, promising and huge space throughout the &;& other;Sujiatun district is a story, inside information of urban area, the development of broad prospects, expected & throughout;& hellip;& hellip;These with the temperature, loading encouraging words, all lead to local cadres, the masses of emotional resonance, and rise up and rushed to unite a director of entrepreneurial passion.Presentation to revitalize the amplification, unswervingly take the path of transformation of innovation and development both together, tai shan shift.Deep feelings, encouraging words solidarity, in-depth thinking and scientific decision to promote the revitalization of development steps forward.The point of research covers the shenyang innovation reform in key areas and the fundamentals of economic and social development.The present time and time again, increase of field visits, round round analysis, easily refined red in the research, points out that & other;To implement the good xi general secretary & lsquo;Four focus on & rsquo;& lsquo;Three propulsion & rsquo;Important indicator spirit, not of provincial party committee, secretary of Mr Leahy placed in liaoning spearheaded a new round of the revitalization of development when the pioneer, the ardent expectations of being a good pioneer, shenyang only unswervingly take the path of transformation of innovation and development.Throughout the &;The transformation of innovation development the way how to go?& other;Make innovation to create a distinctive qualities and to promote the development of shenyang new revitalization of the powerful magic weapon & throughout;& other;One hand to promote traditional equipment manufacturing industry to the intelligent, high-end, transformation and upgrading of service, grasping the development & strategic emerging industry throughout;& other;Tries to build up a new kinetic energy ecosystem, strive to create billions of level industrial chain & throughout;& hellip;& hellip;Leverage shenyang transformation innovation development fulcrum, rooted in yi lian red vivid and profound words in each sentence, each in a clear and specific demands, became the cadres and rolled up his sleeves, and carry out all work under the robot body's motto.More valuable is, in the process of investigation and research, from vanguard requirements to achieve a new round of the revitalization of shenyang shenhe district development, to the demands of "peace efforts in the development of shenyang new round revitalize dry in effect at the forefront;From requirements I on the transformation of innovation and development the first presentation, make the development of a new round of the revitalization of shenyang amplification leader, to demand big east fully display and exhibition industry future recorded the vanguard of the industrial glory;From requirements sujiatun district with innovative ideas and mechanism to accelerate the integration development city production demonstration area, to request xinmin city high standard construction & other;Four modernizations & throughout;Mixed development demonstration area & hellip;& hellip;Yi lian red according to the development of each region, for different countries and regions has been clear about the transformation of innovation and development in shenyang should complete the task, the role of, make regional working objectives, ideas, gripper.In various areas the exploring and practical rushed, under the action of transformation of innovation and development in shenyang will press the fast forward button, into the express way.Macroscopic eyes, fine point put pen to paper.From shenyang machine tool group, siasun robot to technological innovation to promote enterprise development, drive the industry stronger, to the wolong lake ecotope, shengjing imperial city in the use and development of the depth of ecological culture resources protection, integrating resources to build urban business card;From shenyang new world project construction to speed up the transformation and upgrading of traditional service industry, and to the financial and commercial development zone to promote the modern service industry functional;From FangGu Town WangGu Village to walk road of the precision of solid for poverty alleviation, to an road, red towel should actively try to social governance model innovation & hellip;& hellip;Yi lian GongDou specific requirements are put forward.Happily, the transformation of innovation and development of fire has vast land in shenyang, this will be a greater strength to detonate another innovation to create a vivid practice.New technology is to speed up the convergence, shenyang billiton jing technology co., LTD. Is the only capable of producing 12 inches for large scale integrated circuit production line fully automatic PECVD equipment technique, born in shenyang machine tool developed claimed yesterday Taiwan i5 intelligent motion control system based on network platform type machine tools, beauty line co., LTD. Automotive information system technology research and development of science and technology to achieve the leading domestic, shenyang regal new energy technology co., LTD. Has 11 military related patents and independent intellectual property rights, Microsoft parts co., LTD., shenyang lattice realize ahead in the industry, the development of superior & hellip;& hellip;Surge of new model is filling: shen water ecological city science and technology innovation project actively explore & other;The government leading, enterprise operation, win-win cooperation & throughout;New city integration development pattern, nine wu cultural project to upgrade traditional bookstore for liaoning is the largest base for reading and cultural syntheses, shenyang LiaoZhong academician workstation to form the new pattern of production, depth fusion, shenyang international software park by means of optimization services constantly gather the innovative factors & hellip;& hellip;New industry is to thrive, shenyang auto city gathered brilliance BMW, gm north sheng, brilliance China, brilliance jinbei, more than 150 four oems and auto parts enterprises, as a new BMW 5 series, BMW X3, new models and a series of vehicle project reaches producing and deco smil, a batch of auto parts such as hutchinson projects in succession fall to the ground, is expected to be big east auto output in 2020 will exceed 250 billion yuan.International logistics port in shenyang, shenyang railway comprehensive freight yard are trying to build the national railway container terminal project, the forward freight volume will reach 30 million tons.Liyuan industrial park plans to invest 20 billion yuan, rail transit production covering orbit transportation, auto parts, machinery manufacturing, electronic power, petrochemical, military weapon, architectural decoration and other fields, the future development prospect of limit, the second phase of construction projects, after years of tax is expected to exceed 2 billion yuan & hellip;& hellip;In the heavy industry base and huge economic potential, to seize every minute, mark with catching iron work, firmly seize key to transformation of innovation and development of shenyang, will eventually opens the door of the transformation of innovation and development, in whole, new across thousands of miles a day.Focus on breakthrough: holding tight project this & other;Key & throughout;& other;Grasp development at the end of the day is, don't catch a project construction, the development not achieve them, can't improve people's livelihood, improve quality between urban and rural areas throughout the &;, easy to red for shenyang transformation with the statement that innovation and development ".In the research, each to a region, yi lian GongDou will hear will see project construction situation, will ask will ask enterprises to develop practical difficulties.Since the beginning of the year, shenyang heating up project construction, speed up the development of the industrial park, spring brightness also strong, and so did the economy & other;Bottoming stabilization, stability of positive & throughout;.There are 70 key projects in the city in the first half of this year, I return to work, 186 district-level key project is stepping up its construction of the ground.Through unremitting grasp the project, I in the first half of the main economic indexes to achieve double-digit growth.Research in vega brilliance BMW factory, easily refined red to the enterprise, said: & other;Hope BMW make full use of its advantages in international famous enterprises of innovation elements gathered, attract high-end supporting enterprises to shen development continuously, help shenyang continuously to do bigger and stronger industry.Throughout the &;Stick to recruit large lead and promote in accordance with the business, is easy to bright red parts in the research of smelting point of view.He stressed that must adhere to based on the current and long-term project, especially focus on the world 500 strong, China's top 500 and strategic emerging industries, and focus on introducing high-end, growth good project fluctuation kongfu, let more big transformation innovation development projects and good projects to consolidate the & other;Four beams eight columns & throughout;.& other;Big project indomitable spirit, small projects with & throughout;Momentum of development in this research.Currently, China and Germany equipment manufacturing park has gathered intelligence, high-end equipment, automobile manufacturing, industrial service, 403 strategic emerging industries and other kinds of enterprises, promote the funing robot, kuka robot projects such as 265.Jingu industry area focus on promoting enterprise advocate complementary separation, and stronger producer services, has formed the industrial design, testing and so on eight big service platform, to introduce a guest room 346, attracting 234 headquarters, platform project.BMW cable plant expansion project annual capacity to 200000 vehicles, will become the BMW of the world's most advanced production base.Shenyang oil products trading center, has signed a contract dealers, 166, the first seven months of this year, a 5.95 billion - yuan trade & hellip;& hellip;Take on catching up.Easy to red for various areas catch a tough set the project construction.He demanded a national park every year to invest 5 billion yuan to 10 billion yuan of above must be introduced industrial projects, the provincial park annual investment of 2 billion yuan of above project must be introduced.To give full play to the assessment & other;The baton & throughout;Role, according to the construction of project evaluation theory of performance, the hero, in the city starting projects & otherArena & throughout;.For each region is in command personally led to grasp main project, efforts to achieve project quality and quantity of & other;Double promotion & throughout;, easy to red said: & other;Grasp the project construction is difficult, but the value is easy to charge.Throughout the &;& other;As long as the best, no not solve the problem, without crossing obstacle, way better than more difficult.Throughout the &;He asked the boss must advance to the project construction of the first line of work, solve problems, grasp the specific, concrete, ensure project smoothly.Currently, Germany and China garden, shenyang, shenyang automobile industry city electrical equipment, industrial park key park, through continuous do bigger and stronger leading industries, each park is gradually formation correlation degree is high, the strong fighting force, good comprehensive benefit of industry chain.Refined red stressed easily, want to combine the region advantage, leading industry to grasp around the park project, further makes the correlation degree is high, the strong fighting force, good comprehensive benefit of industry chain, speed up form the industry pattern of multi-point support.In the research process, easy to red in the guidance of project construction, and puts forward clear requirements on the park planning and construction.He said, to constantly improve the infrastructure and public service facilities, improve overall quality, promote organic fusion, from city to the construction of modern city economic complex as the gripper, promote formation & other;More than a center, group, beaded type & throughout;Pattern of urban development.Win in the head, into the pragmatic, in problem solving.In the research, easily refined red side encourages enterprises to grasp technology innovation, product upgrades, to seize market opportunities and industry commanding heights;Side asks various departments whole-hearted service, superior environment, development for the enterprise to provide more brilliant sunshine and moist rain, more suitable soil, will make the high quality project in shenyang & otherLarge magnetic field & throughout;.Yi lian red more of the entrepreneur in very inspiring language invitation: & other;Hope to have a vision, enterprising entrepreneurs pay more attention to shenyang, shenyang, shenyang.Throughout the &;Project of the construction of the transcript to refresh the acceleration of urban development, regional pragmatic endeavour, since base than learning to catch up with the big stage.At present, each area with each project blossom, release the inspiring force.Development placement: let the masses get feeling at home in the process of upgrading research has such warm and touching scene: yi lian red in red towel community when talking to people, aged more than 80 community volunteers, the old man took to refined red hand said: & other;Municipal party committee, municipal government can consider for people everywhere, is our blessing.Throughout the &;And easily refined red earnestly response: & other;Old man's house, we promote the revitalization of the development of the ultimate goal is to make people live a better life.Diffusion of volunteers selfless dedication, love, caring contributions for the society, does the practical work of the spirit is worth learning for the residents.Throughout the &;People shout, reform should be somewhat.Everywhere, easily refined GongDou is always emphasized to be firmly established in the people as the center of the development of ideas, to let the people live a better as the starting point and foothold of all work, adhere to the people's desire, politics, how does the practical work for the masses, problem solving, do a good turn.In an road community medical have combined with service, he told staff, we need to provide quality and professional service for the community residents, to make the characteristic, form can be copied, can promote experience.People need is not in the temple in the eaves.As the only giant cities in northeast China, shenyang overall urban style atmosphere, clean and tidy.But easy to refine the red eyes not just stay on the construction of urban planning of the core business district, between the high-rise construction also deep lock to the masses and lanes behind the house.He stressed that to uphold accurate planning, exquisite construction, fine management, make shenyang city function more complete, the city quality continue to improve, further enhance the habitable appropriate industry appropriate index, to make sense of the masses to get more and more a sense of pride.Win the battle for poverty alleviation, build a well-off society in an all-round way is very significant political task and people's livelihood project.FangGu Town WangGu Village with the aid of wolong lake environmental advantages, in a variety of vegetables planting and leisure agriculture, realize the increase in the income of farmers.(fu to food industrial co., LTD. Based on the local agricultural development, the enterprise own development at the same time, also can solve the problem of local surplus labor employment.This town squares cattle village, with emphasis on the development of modern agriculture, in promoting agricultural comprehensive lift gear upgrades in the in situ urbanization, farmers per capita income of more than 40000 yuan.For research in the process of present a typical example to overcome poverty and shenyang the phased achievements have been made the beautiful countryside.Easy to red in certain smelting, don't forget to request must fully implement the central and provincial party committee, municipal party committee about a series of deployment, poverty alleviation of poverty are effectively precision accurate knowledge poverty, poverty alleviation, precise out of poverty, not a home, one does not fall.During the research, when the air circumfluence of shenyang.Yi lian red repeatedly to flood control on the line, the command dispatching work.He repeatedly stressed to firmly build up the idea of people foremost, strict measures, compaction, firmly hold no mass casualties on the bottom line, to ensure the safety of flood control in shenyang, foolproof.Development to the people, rely on the people, Shared by the people.In the research, and otherAdhere to the people feelings & throughout;& other;Let people get feeling rising at home.Throughout the &;Red in each region is easily refined research often talk about.He asked each region is responsible for the comrades to the true feelings service the masses, do more empathy, put yourself in for the sake of the masses, the real redstone, the masses take charge of things, the problem of the masses of innovative methods of work, make the revitalization of the outcome of the development of real benefits to the masses.Such words like dandelion seeds, scattered buried deep in the heart of the regional leaders, will eventually grow in the life of the masses into a prosperous scene of happiness.Strengthening guarantee: strive to build the wind qing qi is the political ecological politics hills and green conservation economic and social development.At present, the development of shenyang revitalization is a rolling stone gathers up the mountain, climbing over the key stage of candy, want to get out of the transformation of innovation and development of new, more need good political ecological security.Survey, easily refined red always & other;Distinctively political, efforts to create a fresh air wind is politics & throughout;Stressed in the prominent position.He urged all localities of leading cadres to be firmly established & other;Four consciousness throughout the &;And firmly maintain the authority of the party central committee with comrade xi as the core, according to the provincial party committee, municipal party committee of the deployment and requirements, strictly grasp from solid pipe thought, style, staff, team, to new achievements in team building, strive to create a new situation of the revitalization of development in shenyang.Recently, faku county carried out & other;The villages and towns throughout large search &;More than 30, all villages and towns ZhaBai rectification problem, to further promote the comprehensive governing party request for implementation.Yi lian red give affirmation to this, and urged all localities layers of compacted tube party party responsibility, with greater determination and more courage of focus, and a deeper step by step, the concrete will be fully the requirements of party strictly implement to the most basic level.To strengthen the party's style of the cultivation of clean government and anti-corruption work, actively build from corruption, not corruption, don't want to rot system mechanism, the fresh air on the wind is political ecology.& other;Pragmatic bear & throughout;Is easily refined red this round of research for various areas cadre masses are most impressive.& other;The attitude construction on the road throughout & forever;& other;The transformation of innovation development cannot be throughout & cold water to make tea slowly;& other;Take out sit still, afford to wait, slow director may not be the mental state of entrepreneurship & throughout;& other;Develop & lsquo;Immediately run & rsquo;And & lsquo;A nail & rsquo;The spirit of & throughout;& other;Don't do not to find reasons, only to do want to method & throughout;& hellip;& hellip;Often communicate with regional cadres, easily refined red always knock.& other;Shenyang cadres have thoughts, feelings, have pursuit, motivated, reshape the lofty sentiments of the shenyang brilliance.Throughout the &;Easily refined red said.In order to advance the cadre style transformation, further to create a good atmosphere of no distractions clerkstarts for leading cadres, easily refined red attitude firmly stressed that party organizations at all levels to set up the correct orientation of choose and employ persons and insist on having both ability and political integrity, the masses, outstanding performance is recognized, those loyal, clean, bear really cadres came up with, to those who dare to responsible, dare to for cadres.To bear to take on responsibilities, responsible for dare to responsible party.In physically, governs incorruptibly, his words are always convincing, also with great charisma and influence, deeply inspired the regional public indomitable, grasped the nettle and create new splendor to cheer up the accoutrements of spirit.At a Huanggu District worship of shandong road flyover, people can see this slogan: & other;Only dry out, didn't wait for the brilliant & throughout;The slogan that the local leading cadres to carry out the party deployment requirements determination, highlight Huanggu District in the transformation of innovation and development in shenyang are racing to the boldness of vision, also says the shenyang people's common voice.Sheer endeavour peng for wind, straight hoist the best ".After this round of research, various areas further clear about the goal, the cadre masses open dextrys clerkstarts passion surging more, fight is more high.After this round of research, shenyang is release the strong signal: the revitalization of shenyang is the common pursuit of the whole city.Shenyang will provide first-class dare to struggle, dare to led drive transformation innovation development cut the force of bamboo, in a comprehensive revitalization of the journey to win a new victory after another.(the original title: slow steps Don't loose the momentum of & ndash;& ndash;Standing committee of the provincial party committee, party secretary easy refined red counties (city) research documentary) (source: shenyang daily)

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